A Busy Christmas at Teddy Bear Junction

Station Master Sid blew his whistle for the last time today as the 1705 train departed Teddy Bear Junction. He was so relieved that Christmas and New Year were now past and maybe he could find a moment to relax before school started again.

He wandered over to the end of the platform where Bradles the Porter was packing parcels in the store room and parking his trolley in the shed.

"You're a good worker Bradles" he said.

"Why thank you sir" Bradles replied.

"Did you manage to keep up with all the freight and baggage okay today?"

"Yes sir, but it is sure busy at this time of the year. I sure do love this job though. I love all the different people I get to meet everyday. I love to be able to help people, or make them smile. That lady Sue with the new craft shop on the other side of the railway line came over to pick up her parcel and we had a lovely chat. She opened the parcel to show me and it was really neat."

"What was it? Tell me quick the suspense is killing me."

"Well you know her shop is not very big!"

"Yes, I know, but what was in the parcel?"

"Did you know she does embroidery?" 

"Yes, I know. I have ordered our new uniforms from her, but what was in the parcel?"

"Well, she had to move things around a lot when she had to do embroidery jobs and all the threads were stored in boxes. Now she has an Embroidery Work Station. It has 6 felt feet, so it can sit on the dining room table without scratching the surface. It has four rails to put the stabiliser rolls on, storage for 40 small spools of thread, 2 large spools and four stackable bamboo storage boxes for needles, bobbins and tools. You should really go by there tomorrow and have a look for yourself."

"You have certainly stirred up an interest, so I just might do that."

See it at Http://theteddybearjoint.com.au 

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